James A. Partin Interview, 20 January 2001

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JP:OK, the first thing that I recall we were on a crew mission and we were back in the local area at Minot, and we were about ready to make our penetration and low approach, and I guess we were in the neighborhood of 20,000 feet probably. And the radar called and said he had a return off the left wing and did I see anything? I looked up there and didn't see anything.
JK:OK you are in the left seat, is that right?
JP:Yeah so all of a sudden he said "God Almighty!" and I said "What's wrong?" he was alarmed, you know, so and he said that whatever that was took off to our left at a tremendous rate of speed, he couldn't even measure it.
JK:He's seeing this on the radarscope?
JP:Yeah, he watched it go. So we forgot it and went on down and were shooting low approaches in the traffic pattern. I guess, somewhere in the process, I changed seats got into the Co-Pilot's seat. I don't remember doing that but I remember looking off to my right probably about the 2 o'clock position as they used to say, and low and I saw a—it was sort of oblong, there were, looked like windows around it that were lit and it was just hovering there, and that's about the time the Air Police saw something in the same vicinity and then I heard this, according to them, they heard this I believe they phrased it as 'a 60-cycle per second hum I guess, like electric motors or something.
JK:Now these are missile guys hearing this?
JP:Yeah, the missile guys. And of course, we could hear nothing where we were. And then all of a sudden it was gone, and so—
JK:Now do you think that thing was on the ground or it was close?
JP:No, I think it was—we must have been around 1500 - 1700 feet above the ground and it was—
JK:So this was a visual pass this last one?
JP:Yeah, I don't know if it was—you could see houses on the ground from that altitude, and they looked like, you know, about the size of a dice—a die.

Like maybe like a Monopoly house?

JP:Yeah, right and this was much larger than that.
JK:OK so that give you some idea of size?

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