James A. Partin Interview, 20 January 2001

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JK:Do you recall what I had called about?
JK:Are you the James Partin I'm looking for?
JP:Yes, I spent six years in Minot—B-52's.

[JK: provides a summary of the incident including the B-52 crewmember names].

JP:These names are not ringing a bell.
JK:Well they weren't your crew. We figure that you were being evaluated that day.
JP:The name Don Cagle rings a bell, but I can't place it.
JK:Do you recall this incident at all?
JP:I recall—I don't remember if it was my crew or if I was with someone else. You say the crew number was S-01?
JK:S-01 yes.
JP:I was S-03 but I was not in the Staneval section. The entire crew we were all instructors in our positions, and of course as instructors we did fly with a lot of other crews. We, as I said, were not a Stanboard crew. S-01, S-02 and S-03 were Stanboard crews when I first got there but the duty inspections and ORI's and things like that, some of them disappeared and at the end I ended up with that crew number. But I just don't remember what happened to 1 and 2. But, I did see an object one night that I reported.
JP:I don't remember the date.
JK:Well, if it's the same thing we're talking about this was toward the end of October 1968.
JP:I really don't remember the date.
JK:Do you have a problem talking with me about this incident?
JP:No. I would have a problem videotaping or something like that though.
JK:OK, would you feel comfortable just telling me what you recall?

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