Ralph T. Holland Interview, 20 February 2005

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TT:Now McCaslin was the navigator, he doesn't remember as much as Runyan is remembering—
RH:Yeah Runyan seemed like that he was remembering some things that he had gotten afterwards, you know. Yeah, I thought the radar operator is what he said, and when, I think I told you what impressed me the most of the whole thing was that the radar operator told me that he had a radarscope photo solid of that return, of that thing.
TT:Here's another question concerning those photos before we get off that. Did you know that the Bomb Wing Intelligence did an analysis of the scope film that morning of the sighting?
RH:I don't know whether they did or not, but I would suspect that they looked at those, yes.
TT:We've talked to the Bomb Wing intelligence officer that did the analysis.
RH:Yeah, I would suspect they looked at those very thoroughly.
TT:Yeah they wanted to verify the crew's recall of what happened.
JK:Yeah, he said it was a high priority job that morning.
RH:Yes, well that's, I would say the whole thing was a high priority for us all because we were concerned that maybe we had something, you know. It was unusual what was happening.
JK:Yeah that's right. There's one other thing I want to ask you is you. During the briefing there was another somewhat similar incident mentioned that occurred within a week or two at some other base. Do you recall anything like that?
RH:I don't recall anything. I did read that and I don't recall anything like that and so it didn't happen at Minot and it didn't happen at Malmstrom but we had six missile wings you know, and no, I don't recall any incident other than the one we had. But anyway it was an interesting thing and that's what makes life in the military interesting, you know.
JK:Well an incident like that has pretty much got to stir everything up, doesn't it?
RH:Yes, yes, that stirs everything up. I tried to call Davidson, and I know you said he was gonna be on vacation for three weeks, and all I got was his answering machine. I hope that he calls me, and if he gives me anything of interest, I'll let you know, I want to know if he was the one that briefed me early that morning. He's a good guy and I'm sure he'll talk to me and what I wanted him to do was to refresh my memory somewhat, after all I'm 84 years old (laughs).
TT:Well you sound like you're doing good!
RH:But anyway, if I get anything when Davidson calls and he can prod my memory something that I think might be of interest to you I'll give you a buzz.
TT:OK great. We really appreciate you talking to us
RH:Well I thank you guys and I wish I could be more help but they told us it wasn't a UFO so, for us to go back to work so—
TT:Alright thanks.
JK:Thank you very much General.
[Transcript end]

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