Ralph T. Holland Interview, 20 February 2005

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RH:And I don't know what these people saw out there, you know (chuckles) that's, that country is without the smog and stuff that you have around Los Angeles and the other places so the visibility is pretty damn good so you ought to see pretty well you know.
TT:Of course these guys were out there all the time. They know the routine aircraft—
RH:Right, right. The one thing I want to assure you that there was no, I mean you know as I recall again that they had the outer which is the fence then you had the inner which was the soft area, then you had the lid that goes on top of the missile and no lid ever went anyplace. Hell if a lid had moved (laughs) SAC would've been down there in two seconds.
TT:Oh, I'm sure, yeah
RH:We used to have—you can have the outer alarm, but if you have the inner alarm and you, the launch control crew, you know each launch control crew had ten missiles. So they had, so the launch control crew could reset, and if it reset fine, if they couldn't reset it though, we had to send security police out there to maintain the place until they could get it repaired.
RH:And I imagine they're still having problems like that.
TT:Oh, I'm sure, although I'm sure they've improved their technology too. Another question, and you looked at some of these recalls from the crew—
TT:One thing they talk about is that, and you know, a couple of them are claiming that you provided them this information, that there had been an alarm at one, at a site, it's not clear where that site is, which launch facility that a team had been sent out and there was a large object hovering over the security team and that it took off toward the B-52 when the B-52 came in the area, does that ring any bells?
RH:No, as I recall back, and in the stuff you sent me refreshed my memory somewhat, that I was briefed by the missile commander about some of the situations, that, peculiar situations that had happened and the sightings, you know, that supposedly had taken place, and I had told the B-52 crew in the briefing that there had been some unusual things taken place in the missile area and I wondered how theirs correlated with them. So I was trying to get the whole thing correlated one to the other. We had a nice meeting. All we could do was to put down the facts what we had seen and heard, you know and send them home.
JK:Right, right.
TT:I don't want to pin you down on this but you read what these guys were saying you told them—
TT:Runyan, the co-pilot—
RH:Yeah, he had the wildest damn story I—

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