Ralph T. Holland Interview, 20 February 2005

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JK:One of the funny things one of the fellas said, this was near that little town of Grano up there—I says, "well, you know, I don't expect there's many people there at night," and whoever I was speaking to just laughed and said "there ain't too many people there during the day either."
RH:(Laughs) that's right. But anyway, I thought that was interesting that there were no sightings by any of the civilian population. Normally somebody's out on the road, you know.
TT:I'm just trying to get some idea what your involvement might have been in the investigation aspect of it. I mean basically you briefed the crew and was that it, or were you more involved in doing some more investigation?
RH:Well I just, my thing, I got briefed by the crew and of course the wing commander came with his, the crew, either he or his operations officer I don't remember which and they told me, I wanted to know what they had seen and what did it look like and were they sure what they were talking about and they told me they were and then there was this input from the missile people that some of the maintenance personnel was out in the area and they had also observed some unusual thing and I think a couple of alarms went off. 'Course we had alarms going off all the time. And anyway then our job was to put the thing together and send it on to higher headquarters for them to make an analysis of it. As I recall, and course it's been a long time, I've been retired a long time, but there was an office in the Air Force that looked into UFO matters—
TT:That's correct.
RH:And so we sent, you know, that's who this whole thing went to. Now I do not recall anyone from higher headquarters coming to make any further determination other than what we sent in you know.
TT:You would have sent that to Nichols?
RH:Well that would be up to, I would think after it went up on up through 15th Air Force to SAC, that would be SAC if they were going to send somebody to—
TT:Would that have gone to Compton then or the DCS?
RH:Now Compton was Vice Commander of SAC and Holloway was Commander, so it would have been, I would've, course 15th Air Force could have sent somebody but there's more capability at SAC headquarters than there are at one in the numbered air force headquarters.
TT:Oh sure. I think they had 10,000 people there or something there didn't they?
RH:Yeah, I'd think that it would be a SAC team that would come in if they really wanted to explore it further. I think they concluded that there really wasn't anything. I guess you can get some false returns on your radar, but this didn't sound to me like that and—
TT:No it doesn't, even the documents don't make it appear that way.
RH:No, right, right.
TT:That's what's confusing.

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