Apparently, it was a long day since the time of the call was 1730 (5:30 p.m. EDT), and both of Werlich’s surviving daughters recall being awoken very early in the morning (“in the middle of the night”) by a telephone call reporting the UFO incident to their father. See: Werlich, Kim 2001, 3, 6; and Werlich, Melody 2001, 9. That afternoon, Werlich had phoned SAC Headquarters requesting technical assistance with his investigation, but was denied: “Thursday afternoon I (Col Werlich) called, with the personal opinion that we needed technical assistance at that time and that is what we requested and we didn’t get it and we have tried to do what we could. Gen Hollingsworth is interested” (Memo, 1 Nov. 68a, 4). Also: “Col Werlich said we were hoping for technical assistance and we didn’t get it” (Memo, 1 Nov. 68a, 6-7).