At the time, the Blue Book staff consisted of Quintanilla, assistant Lt. Marano, secretary Marilyn Stancombe, and duty officer, SSgt. Harold Jones. Quintanilla had been project officer since July/Aug. 1963, and Marano since Sept. 1968. See: Quintanilla’s quixotic unpublished manuscript, UFO’s: An Air Force Dilemma, esp. chapter, “The Making of a UFO Investigating Officer” (34). Referring to Werlich’s initial report, on 29 Oct. Quintanilla informed Col. Pullen, HQ SAC that due to limitations in staffing, “we did not send anyone up [to Minot]. I talked to Col Werlich for over thirty minutes and since this didn’t appear to [sic] unusual I didn’t send anyone up.” Memo for the Record, 30 October 1968a, Subj: Telephone conversation with Col Pullen, 1.