Approach procedures, see: Goduto 2001, 17. For a detailed explanation of Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP), see: Procedures_part_1.html. The current Minot AFB airport diagram, and IAPs, or “approach plates,” are accessible online (near the bottom of the page) at: Based on Werlich’s overlay map, the diameter of the 30/180-degree turn is 5.5 nmi, and the circumference equals 17.25 nmi. Including the short final leg before passing over the WT, the distance is 19 nmi. At a speed of 280-230 knots, the flight time would be 4:00-5:00 minutes. Therefore, if the position of the B-52 at 3:52 was 19 nmi before the WT, it would have passed over the WT at 3:56-3:57. Also, in the Transcription, Runyon indicates (at 0904) that they were 35 nmi out, and passing over the WT at the time of the loss of radio transmission at 0858 (3:58 CDT).