Smith, William, Jr., 2001b, 14-16. In addition: Smith, William, Jr., 2001a, 10-11. November-FSC SSgt. Bond was also informed of the UFO incident at O-6 by his MCCC.  “They told me, ‘well, believe it or not, there’s a maintenance crew over there that’s really scared out of their gourds because this thing is right in the area where they are, and they’re trying to do a reprogram on one of the birds that’s in one of the holes over there’—and I thought that a little strange” (2005, 15). Unfortunately, the Camper Team and the Target and Alignment Team did not complete AF-117’s and were not interviewed during the subsequent investigation. Consequently, there is scant mention in the documents. The Camper Team are listed as personnel who sighted the UFO in a document ostensibly created by the 91st Strategic Missile Wing, Security Control controller, however, no time is noted for the observation. During our research, we were unable to properly identify and interview the Camper Team.