McCaslin 2001, 44. McCaslin recalls, “At that point where I saw something out there, I asked him to turn on the cameras” (2000, 9); and the duration of filming was “10-15 minutes worth of stuff” (2001, 36). The radarscope is a 10-inch circular tube face with illuminated bearing ring, technically referred to as the Plan Position Indicator (PPI). The data plate is superimposed as a snapshot via a separate optical path. Note: The 14-8X10 first-generation photographic prints of the B-52 radarscope are the original versions of the 13 low-quality (microfilmed) radarscope photographs included in the NARA Blue Book documentation. The photos ostensibly show the movements of the UFO in relation to the aircraft near the end of the air-radar encounter, as it spiraled around the B-52 from the front right to a position about 1 nmi off the left wing.