McCaslin 2001, 15. McCaslin 2000, 6-7. “POSITION OF AIRCRAFT DURING AIR-ELECTRONIC OBSERVATION: INITIAL SIGHTING POSITION WAS 38 NAUTICAL MILES NW OF THE DEERING TACAN, 300 DEGREES RADIAL, FL200” (Basic Reporting Data, 3). At this time, Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) Captain Thomas Goduto powered his receiver equipment back up, but he “could not substantiate anything on my equipment that was unusual”(Goduto 2001, 12-14). Also, Gunner Tech Sergeant Arlie Judd recalls at some point during the radar encounter he observed a large return on his rear-facing ASG-21 “fire control radar” for a 5 or 10 second duration, first at 1,000 yards, and then at 12,000 yards before it disappeared (Judd 2001, 11-14). Later, at a debriefing in the Division Commanders office, Judd brought up the returns: I mentioned my radar returns. That was my confirmation of what somebody else had seen. I said, ‘Well it was also on my radar.’ But there wasn’t any follow through” (2001, 21-22).