Transcription, 0834. The transcription is time-coded to GMT (-5 hours CDT). In aviation, distances are expressed in nautical miles (1 nmi, US = 1.151 statute mile, or 1852 meters exactly. Conversely, 1 statute mile equals .8689 nmi. The derived unit of speed is the knot, defined as one nautical mile per hour). Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) system is an ultra-high frequency electronic navigational aid that provides military aircraft with a continuous indication of bearing (azimuth angle) and distance (range) to a TACAN station. At Minot AFB, distances are relative to/from the Deering TACAN transmitter station (ground-to-aircraft beacon), located adjacent to the runway at 37% of the length from the northwest end. The “WT fix” is a virtual point 35 nmi from the TACAN transmitter in line (approach) with the runway, from which the B-52 begins its descent from FL200 and “penetration” of the Minot airspace. Additional technical information on TACAN systems from: