Basic Reporting Data, 5. Werlich notes the time of the ground sightings as beginning at “0800Z (0300 CDT) UNTIL APPROXIMATELY 1015Z (CDT 0515)” (2). The Air Route Traffic Control Center would have handed off the B-52 to Minot AFB RAPCON when it arrived at the 50 nmi clearance, which, according to Werlich, was at 3:00: “THE AIRCRAFT INITIALLY ARRIVED . . . AT ALMOST THE SAME TIME AS THE FIRST GROUND SIGHTING.” In fact, the “FIRST GROUND SIGHTING” preceded the arrival of the B-52 by 45 minutes. The Transcription of Recorded Conversations begins when the B-52 is on low-approach over the runway heading northwest at 3:34 [3:44], and affords no clue to the location of the B-52 for the first 34 [44] minutes. It seems most likely the B-52 remained east of the base practicing high-altitude maneuvers, and would be located high in the southeast before its descent (penetration) from FL200 to a low-approach over the runway at 3:34 [3:44].  Regarding “VARIOUS INSTRUMENT PRACTICE MANEUVERS,” Runyon recalls: “At higher altitude, like for the vertical S’s we might have gotten a block from 20 to 30; or 30 to 40,000 feet for that. . . . [So nobody could even see you up there.] No. [You don’t have your landing lights on?] No, no way, and we were probably not over our base anyway—were out in the middle of nowhere” (2005, 8).