Smith 2001b, 11-13. See also: Bond 2005, 17-18. Smith recalls that his capsule crew contacted Air Defense Command (redesignated Aerospace Defense Command on 15 Jan. 1968) at Minot Air Force Station, located about 15 miles south of Minot, ND: “And so when the [B-52] crew did that my Capsule [Crew] also were excited, really excited, so one of them I think had an idea that they might call Air Defense Command, I think he had some connections or knew some people there or something. And from what he was saying to us they were able to use some radar manipulations, and they were able to see something operating they said 50 miles above where we were in the general vicinity—they couldn’t pinpoint it but they said—50 miles above” (2001b, 13; and 2001a, 19-20). Regarding Minot AFS, see:,+ND.