Note: Minot AFB investigating officer, Col. Werlich, has misconstrued the initial reporting sequence in the Basic Reporting Data and Format [TWX], 290428Z OCT 68, 5. (The equivalent date of the Teletype is 28 October, 10:28 p.m. CST). Werlich states that O’Connor reported to the “WING SECURITY CONTROLLER OVER THE VEHICLE RADIO,” however, O'Connor reported to Base Operations and later to November-FSC SSgt. Bond, who subsequently reported to Wing Security Control at 3:08. The general provisions of Department of the Air Force. Research and Development. Air Force Regulation No. 80-17, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), 19 September 1966. Washington, D.C., required each Air Force base commander to provide an investigative capability (#3). In this regard, Minot AFB commander Col. Ralph E. Kirchoff designated Base Operations chief Lt. Col. Arthur Werlich as investigating officer to the UFO program. Werlich’s primary responsibility was to collect and collate a list of Basic Reporting Data and Format (#11), and to provide his “initial analysis and comment on the possible cause or identity of the stimulus in a supporting statement” (#10). The analysis section comprises the last four pages of the 8-page report. This was Werlich’s first official UFO investigation: “Col Werlich said this was his first report and didn’t know how to ask questions or anything” (Memo, 1 Nov. 68a, 7). AFR 80-17 with changes and attachment is also available from: