Transcription, 0921[+]-0928. In his AF-117, Partin notes: “I turned onto the base leg about one mile South of the light and was above it” (4). After 0921, the time-code is absent and the final 0928 is erroneous. It appears as though the communications transcript was cut-and-pasted, or edited to include only procedural instructions, in which case the associated time references were problematic and simply excluded. It is unknown who actually transcribed the RAPCON tapes. Werlich informed the Blue Book staff: “Anyway, I’m sending the RAPCON TAPES” (Memo, 1 Nov. 68, 4). The reader may want to compare this transcription with the Transcriptions included in the B-52H Aircraft Mishap Report, 4 Oct 68, HQ AFSC/JAR. Claude Poher also reconstructed the timing and pattern of the final circuit. See: Poher, Appendix 1, Timing of the B-52 Approach Trajectory and Setting of the Radarscope Clock. Note: Poher based his reconstruction on the B-52 clearing the WT fix and departing FL200 at 3:54, whereas our reconstruction is based on 3:58.