Basic Reporting Data, 7. Partin was also an instructor pilot, but during this flight was being evaluated to maintain pilot ratings by Capt. Cagle. When he first observed the object he was turning onto a heading of 290 degrees [not 335], and piloting the B-52 from the left seat [not the right seat]. Also, he reported, “I turned onto the base leg about one mile [not within approximately two miles] to the south of the light and was above it” (AF-117, 4). It is not clear how Werlich obtained his information, since Partin did not complete the AF-117 questionnaire until 30 October, nearly two days after Werlich had transmitted the Basic Reporting Data (AF-117, 8). RAPCON stated, “JAG 31 (garbled) requests that somebody from your aircraft stop in at basops after you land.” [Perhaps “(garbled)” identified the requestor?]. Partin was the senior officer and attended the debriefing, which may have been the source, or second-hand source of Werlich’s information.